Digital Marketing Specialist Affinity Canvas
Full Time

Digital Marketing Specialist

 EMPLOYMENT TYPE: Full-time/Part-time/Intern

Position Summary

This position will be a team member position for someone who is looking for a growth opportunity, and high earning potential. This position will be able to work directly with Matt, Head of Sales, and Greg, CEO. This position will be wearing multiple hats as this is a startup. The primary role is to increase revenue through marketing, business strategy, and finding product market fit. We are not looking for someone who will sit back and wait to be told what to do. We are looking for a person who wants to help the company grow and make money.

Position Responsibilities & Duties

There are two simple duties of this position. Find product market fit (ideal customer), and increase revenue. How these duties are accomplished is up to you. It could include finding the ideal customer, how to reach this customer, what language and messaging to use. Again, this is a startup and founders are very busy building the product, working in sales, and launching the product. You have the chance to step in and show them what you can do. 

Required Position Qualifications

The following qualifications and requirements are required to successfully fulfill the duties of this position:

  • Must be hardworking and ready to learn

  • Be creative in finding solutions to problems

  • SEO, Automated lead generation, AB testing, Google ads and analytics ect

Salary & Benefits

The position provides significant compensation and benefits depending on if you are working full-time or part-time, and the value you add to the company. For example, an intern who performs well could be offered a full time position. 

  • Competitive salary based on qualifications and experience

  • Possible vesting in the company 

About Affinity Canvas

Greg Lloyd has worked in the customer success space for over 15 years and saw an issue that he could solve. There are many tools for sales teams like CRMs, but what about after the sale closes. Affinity Canvas is a tool that integrates with a CRM and was built specifically for customer success teams. Affinity Canvas helps teams cut their onboarding time in half, and tracks all the data that shows at what point customer success teams are losing their customers. Affinity Canvas helps any company that is looking to scale.