Embedded Software Developer
Full Time

Flutter Developer Job Description

We are looking for a talented developer to develop a Flutter/Dart-based user experience for a new project which will require a mobile-web experience as well eventual native mobile applications. You will be working with a small team of experienced product managers and engineers on a well organized and well described user experience.


• 3-4 years of front-end web application development experience in a Javascript framework (React, Angular, Vue) or equivalent Javascript (ES6+) skills.

• 1-2 years of experience with Google’s Flutter/Dart framework.

• Experience working with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) as an application developer.

• Google Firebase data and API experience preferred; but not required.

• Experience working with FaaS (aka Lambda, Cloud Functions, etc) using Python a bonus; but not required.

• Experience with GraphQL, YAML, Gatsby, Redux, Node.js, REST API, UX, UI, Responsive Web Design, Working with JSON data structures.

• Independently scopes flexible technical solutions. Anticipates technical uncertainties.

• Responsible for making sure that the software code is correct, well-architected, secure and maintainable.

• Obsessively good Git hygiene and clearly documented code.

• Experience working on an Agile Scrum-based team delivering weekly.

• Good communication skills.

• Great attention to detail.

Please send a cover letter and resume to