Internship positions at Hallo

Internship positions at Hallo



Growth Hacker, Instagram content specialist, Facebook content specialist, Email marketing specialist, Social Media Analyst, Paid Ad specialist, Shreditor (video producing and editing), SEO, SEM, YouTube analyst, Strategic Partnerships, Product analyst, Strategy analyst, R&D associate, English Teachers* (message me if interested in helping pilot this feature)


Most unpaid, only a few paid positions. We don’t get paid either! Welcome to the hustle.

Start Date



3 months preferred (flexible), hours flexible as well.

Message Ben for details if you are interested**


About Hallo

Hallo is a social app and marketplace for language learners. At the click of a button, English learners can get connected over video chat to find a practice partner. Users can choose either group or private chat based on their learning preference. The marketplace works exactly the same, but focuses on finding a native English speaker to teach English. We are bringing the fun back to learning and making it a social experience as it was designed to be.


What kind of person are we looking for?

We want to work with people who are creative, analytical, hard working, team players, hustlers, lovers of learning and results oriented. But really, we want you to be you and not someone else. In a startup, we learn and fail fast. It is fun to learn and grow. It is how we become successful!

How can I benefit?

  1. We will invest our time, money, love and mentorship in you.
  2. Access to our networks
  3. Get a stellar letter of recommendation and reference
  4. Learn to growth hack (we have not spend a $1 on marketing and found over 100k followers in less than 6 months).
  5. Learn how to make awesome products, raise funding and grow a successful startup
  6. Learn more than you ever would in a traditional role in a large company
  7. Always have a fun and interesting project to work on
  8. Potentially get a position with Hallo, full-time - paid.

Contact: Benjamin Dent (Co-Founder/CMO), 253-802-6337